Weekly Roundup 01

It's been a big week at PracticeHub!  With moving offices, the launch of our Startup Clinic Programme and some awesome new features and improvements, we're on our way to bigger and better things in the tail end of 2019.

As part of this, we're kicking off the launch of our blog, Inside PracticeHub. This weekly series will highlight what has been happening at PracticeHub HQ, from new features and improvements, to what we've been doing in the office and exciting things that are coming up in the future.

In addition, we'll be sharing further insight into how we're building PracticeHub, the challenges we face, the lessons we learn, the wins we have and a transparent look into the daily life of building a growing bootstrapped startup.

Here's what's happened this week...

Startup Clinic Programme

We've just launched our new "Startup Clinic Programme".  This is aimed at helping startup or newly established clinics (opened for 1 month or less) get access to all the features and tools offered by PracticeHub that will help them grow, at a significant discount.

Benefits of being accepted into the programme

  • 12 months discounted access to PracticeHub.  You will get Atlas for £25 (normally £69) plus £5 (normally £15) per additional practitioner per month saving you over 65% off your subscriptions. At the end of the 12 months, you can either revert to Core pricing or roll over to standard Atlas Pricing
  • 3000 free SMS credits to use as you wish (up to a maximum value of £150)
  • Discounted SMS rates once you use up your allocation

If you think you qualify, you can apply here.

This weeks features & improvements

  • User notifications - We've added the ability for users to customise their own notification options to hide certain notifications that are not relevant to them
  • Edit file names - You can now edit file names when they are uploaded to a patient file without having to remove and re-upload the file
  • Custom hover summary placement - If you needed custom hover summary placement, you can now choose between Left, Right, Bottom, Top or dynamic depending on spare screen space
  • New shortcuts - We've added a couple of new shortcuts to the calendar and globally.  You can now toggle display of the sidebar by pressing the key "["on your keyboard, or add a new patient with "-"and create an invoice with "+"
  • Report improvements - Occasionally when generating reports, users would forget to click "Apply" on the date range picker meaning that the new date range that had been chosen wouldn't be applied when generating their new report.  This would cause confusion with some of the data being returned.  To change, this we now automatically save the date range, meaning there's no need to hit "Apply"

UI and Branding Changes

You may have noticed a couple of subtle changes with the sidebar and branding in the application.  This is part of an ongoing process where we are tightening up our user interface in terms of consistency, colours, branding and device responsiveness.

Over the next 6-12 months, you will see further improvements in these elements to bring you a significantly superior and improved product.

Accelerator Office Move

Last week we started our Natwest Accelerator programme - which will help us bring a better product and customer experience to you.  As part of this programme, Natwest provide us with completely free office space (amongst lots of other great benefits), so we have moved four buildings along the road and are now setup in our new location!

If you are in Brighton at any point, we'd love for you to pop in for a coffee...

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