Care Plan Tracking & Upcoming changes to billing in PracticeHub

After many, many months of hard work, we are now ready to roll out our care plan tracking feature to our Atlas users. Care Plan Tracking is a great tool to help you easily track a patient’s journey through their care.

Applying a plan to a patient is super easy – simply choose from your own templates or create a custom plan at any time. You’ll be able to see at a glance how a patient is adhering to their schedule; you’ll receive alerts based on your own unique visit rules, will automate changes of appointment types for prebooked schedules of care when an appointment is missed or cancelled in the middle and it’s simple for both CA’s and Practitioners to see where a patient is on their journey.

We will begin releasing this feature to our Atlas users from the 12thAugust, with all Atlas users having access to Care Plan Tracking by the 2nd of September.

As part of this rollout we are also making some changes to our billing model and processes.

  • Increase in base price for Atlas
  • Introduction of metered billing
  • Removal of annual plans

Increase in base price of Atlas

For new customers, we are increasing the base price of Atlas - although the price has been increased, the number of practitioners included has also increased from 1 to 3.

Current Atlas customers will be unaffected by this change and continue to be charged the old pricing.

Current Base PriceNew Base Price Additional Practitioners
£59 (includes 1 practitioner)£99 (includes 3 practitioners)£20

If you are a Core or Free Trial user and wish to take advantage of care plan tracking and our subsequent increase in the starting price for Atlas, you have until the 31st August to upgrade to lock-in the old pricing.

How can I upgrade to Atlas?

Should you wish to upgrade to Atlas, you have until 31st August 2019 to do so to ensure you are locked in at the current lower price of £59.00 per month (inclusive of 1 practitioner licence. £20.00 per month per additional practitioner licence) until you choose to cease your subscription. This could save you up to £480.00 per year. Upgrading is very easy to do and can all be done from your account, head to the calendar, click your initials in the top right of the screen and select “Billing”.

Introduction of Metered Billing

This change aims to make PracticeHub more accessible to clinics where a per practitioner pricing plan is not feasible e.g. clinics with many practitioners (inclusive of part-time) who have a low monthly visit count.

Core customers start at £39.00 per month, inclusive of 200 appointments per month with each additional 25 appointments over the 200 being charged at £1.50.

Atlas customers start at £99.00 per month, inclusive of 500 appointments per month with each additional 25 appointments over the 500 being charged at £2.00.

Appointments that have a status of Pending, Arrived and Processed are included within the appointment count. Missed or cancelled appointments and any appointment blockouts or guide slots are not included in this count.

What's the best billing method for me?

The best part is, you can decide what is best for your business!  Just let us know and we will be happy to change your billing model.

You can find a pricing estimator here

Annual Plan Removal

Why are you removing annual subscriptions?

We are removing annual plans to make our billing as simple as possible for both ourselves and our customers.

We understand that clinics are dynamic and that our users may want to make regular changes to their account that will affect their subscription fee.

Removing annual plans and offering monthly subscriptions only will lessen the chances of any billing headaches and difficult to understand pro-rata adjustments, meaning you will have a far better understanding of exactly what you are being charged for.

I’m currently on an ANNUAL subscription – how does this affect me?

If your annual subscription has a renewal date before 31st December 2019, your plan will renew on its renewal date and will run as expected until it’s next renewal date in 2020. For the next renewal, you will be moved to a monthly subscription.

If your annual subscription has a renewal date after 31st December 2019, your plan will be moved automatically to a monthly subscription.  If you are an Atlas user, when you transition to monthly billing you will be charged the monthly price that existed prior to our billing change.

This will mean an increase in your PracticeHub subscription as you will no longer be receiving the annual discount of close to 15%.

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