Weekly Roundup 02

Another busy week in the Hub!  Here is a quick summary of what's gone on and what's coming up...

What's New

  • Tasks UI - An updated and improved Task user interface.  Tasks is one of our original features and has become a little neglected.  The feature was complicated and did not fit with the design of our UI.  This latest update makes Tasks more user friendly and easier to use
  • New Dashboard metrics - Some lovely new metrics are available on the dashboard with a couple more to come soon
  • Multi Lingual Improvements - A couple of improvements, including military time and AM/PM based on country of origin
  • Various bug fixes - Fixes to various bugs within the platform

What's Coming

We are hard at work for the long awaited "Care Plan Tracking" and looking forward to getting this into your hands.  This will be released very soon, once we have the last remaining pieces in place.

We are also tying up our product roadmap for 2020 and will be detailing this in a future post.  We will be reaching out to our customers over the next couple of weeks to get feedback on what challenges they are having to ensure our roadmap is headed in a direction that benefits our users.

The core principles of features & improvements that we will be focusing on are :

  • Saving time
  • Automation of growth & retention

This will mean a focus on pulling Connect out of Beta and providing significantly more filters to allow more complex campaigns as well as overhauling our reports and bringing far more important metrics to you.

Chiropractic Essentials 2019

This weekend just gone we were at CE19, held in Birmingham, UK.  It was great to connect with many of our users and meet some new faces too!

It was exceptionally useful getting insight to the challenges you are facing in your practices and we will take this knowledge into our product development process to make plans for 2020.

Charlie Herbert from Chiro Centre in Bristol - Charlie played an important role in the design of our membership feature and continues to provide us with great insights and ideas to help us improve the platform.
Will Culver, Jez McMinn and Charley McMinn - all setup and ready for the day ahead.

New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website!  This has been in process for a several months and we having been making lots of tweaks behind the scenes.  

Our website had gradually become more and more stale, not to mention unusable on mobile - we've been so focused on building the PracticeHub product, that we hadn't updated our website in over two years!  It was time for a refresh and to get our new branding and colours into the site as well as a whole host of more specific feature pages.

Previously, there wasn't enough information about our product and how it could help prospective users.  We're looking forward to hearing feedback, making improvements and developing the site in the future.



Our newly overhauled website
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